About Us

Ever since we could walk, we’ve been up on a roof.

It all started when Joseph William Mullen founded Mullen Roofing in 1938. The Mullen family tradition has continued for four generations with his son, Joseph Roy, his grandsons and current owners, John Sr. and James Sr. and his great grandsons, John Jr. and James Jr.

Over the years, Mullen Roofing has evolved into one of the leading commercial roofing companies on the East Coast. While most of our clients are in our home state of New Jersey, we’ve been on the rooftops of commercial properties in Boston, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and all points in between.

Because we are completely self-contained with our Own equipment, from cranes and forklifts to an entire fleet of service trucks, we can handle multiple projects and service calls simultaneously without disrupting your business or sacrificing quality of service.

Family Owned and Operated Since 1938

Corporate Headquarters in West Caldwell New Jersey